2016 Recap and Into 2017

Hello everyone, this vlog will be about the recap of the events that had happened for the year 2016. A look back at the videos and watching them again has taught me on the things to appreciate the finer things in life. 

Overall, it was an unfortunate year, but going through made me realize that life is a cycle and when it is time, we have to accept whatever fate has given to us. Please watch and if you like the video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to show your support and I will look forward to post more video contents for the year of 2017.

First Video of 2017

Hello everyone, 2017 is here and I would like to share with you my first video of 2017. Enjoy~! Please do not forget to click the like button and subscribe if you would like to see more of these video contents.

I would also like to post my 2016 Christmas present unwrapping to see what I got:


Hatsune Miku perhaps is one of the most famous character being tons of figures, collectible Item available for her. This time I am sharing to you guys this Hatsune Miku Lamp Miku feat. Nekozakana Complete figure by alphamax from amiami. Her box was been sitting inside the closet together with other figures we haven't open yet. Being it's the end of October and Halloween is coming, I decided to unbox her.

Her twin tails is curled around two lamp post which is pretty adorable. She is holding a lamp and standing on a cobblestone with well detailed fences.
In here she is wearing a simple black dress with a flower at the back. Simple but so cute. The dress feels like a little witch dress imho.

The base stand was indeed detailed despite of the size.

These pumpkin didn't come with it. :-) Overall I am loving this and be putting her on my desk ^_^
I also made a vlog vid if you guys wanna see. Link is here.


Our life run in a very fast pace that sometime we forget how to take a break and relax.
Unwinding after a long day at work a simple me time does help relieve our self from stress.

My perfect idea of relaxing is simply staying at home. For me, being at home help me keep myself in-tune and also preventing myself from spending money over not so important things. Lets be honest guys shopping is fun but the more we spend the more it adds up to our stress sometimes.

Here are some of the things I do.

1. Warm bath

 A simple warm tub bath is one of the most relaxing way to relax. Our body is in a relax position , quite different from a quick everyday shower we do. Some scented candles , bubble bath , a bath bomb or even Epsom salt will changed the ambiance. It set your mood for a spa like experience in your own home.

Here is a simple Epsom salt bath
2 cups  of Epsom salt in a warm water tub. Never mix Epson salt with soap or any bath product as it loose it's therapeutic effect. (Epsom Salt Uses and Benefits )

2. Face mask

Face mask is one of my most favorite item for a simple me time. While in the tub it's a wonderful time to use a clay mask if you have it on hand and Then after a nice warm tub bath a pore strip or face mask. Face mask has a lot of skin benefit especially if you are in a less humid place like I do. It moisturize the skin at it's best. If you have extra time you can make your own face mask. Lately I've seen lots of article about homemade face mask.

  3. CUP OF TEA, BOOKS or Journal

I myself is both a fan of coffee and tea, but for me I consider tea as a slow pace activity as i normally drink coffee if Im in a rush or want a quick boost of energy.  A cup of warm tea after a long warm tub bath and skin pampering while just chilling with some books, catching up with social media or even writing a journal, adds up to a relaxing chill day at home. 

This is how I unwind at home. I was relax and enjoying it a lot that I never realize the time had passed. I made a vlog about this if you guys want to watch it. Please click link below. I had so much fun making this vid ^_^